Sermon Series: August 21 - September 11

Join us Sunday mornings at 11 am for a new series: Fizz: The Carbonated Church. Are you "flat" or "fizzy"? True Carbonated Churches follow the biblical model of church growth found in the Early Church.

  • August 21 - Maximizing Our Fizz
    You know when it is hot outside and you are really thirsty? You grab a cold soda out of the cooler and pop the top. You take the first swig and it's almost go "Ahhh! Mmm! That's good!" That's the kind of feeling we should want people to have when they visit Kentwood for the first time. It should be our goal, that from the time they enter until they walk out the door, they are saying to themselves, "Ahhh! That was refreshing! That hit the spot! That's just what I was looking for!" So how do we get that kind of reaction? We can't just be a typical church. We can't be lukewarm. We've got to be the cure for the common church. How can we become that kind of church?
  • August 28 - Shaken, Not Stirred
    We are shaken, but not stirred. Sadly, that is the problem with churches today. God frequently shakes us up through the Holy Spirit BUT we remain unstirred...and do nothing. We are shaken to change, but not stirred to follow through with that change. So we remain fizz-less, non-carbonated, and flat.
  • September 4 - Sharing the Fizz
    The secret to real fizz in a church is... (you'll have to come to find out!)
  • September 11 - Maintaining the Fizz