It might be safe to say that none of us have experienced before what we have these past 12+ weeks! Being unable to gather as we’d like for the past quarter of a year has been difficult but laced with valuable lessons along the way. As we make our way back into the building (which I hope you will!) please read the following carefully, as it maps out the steps we’ve taken and the steps that we’d like for attendees to follow to enable the best experience for everyone:

We also realize that not everyone is going to be able to return right away. We look forward to that time when you’ll rejoin us, and in the meantime, you can continue to worship with us online through Facebook Live on Kentwood’s Facebook page or on Kentwood's YouTube page (This link may change so come here first to get current link.)

Reducing the health risk - All high touch areas and surfaces will be sanitized between the two services and during the week. We will also be applying a spray application on the sanctuary and fellowship hall chairs in between services.

Something true of many followers of Christ is that they like to hug, high five or give a handshake. And one day we’ll return to that, but for now, we ask that no physical contact be made with anyone outside of your family

For the time being, water fountains will not be used

Hands free door openers have been installed in the bathrooms

Sanitizing stations will be placed at each of the entrances into the church

Children – Children's Church is in session on Sundays during our 10:30 service. Check-in for both the Pre-school Children's Church and the Elementary Children's Church (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade) is in the Foyer. Students must be signed in before going to their rooms, please.

Masks – In the current phase, everyone is required to wear a mask with the exception of those with health issues that prohibit wearing a mask and for those under the age of 10.

Worship Services – we will be offering a worship service at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., each lasting about 45 minutes.

To help eliminate some concern, we encourage those who are elderly and/or with health concerns to attend the 9:00 a.m. service and those with children to attend the 10:30 service.

To provide the appropriate spacing, every other row in the sanctuary has been removed and we’ll be offering the space in the fellowship hall with tables where a video feed of the service will be displayed. Attendees are welcome to sit in either the sanctuary or fellowship hall, but the best location for families with kids might be the fellowship hall since we’ll be providing printed activities for kids which work best with tables.

We’ve missed the face-to-face fellowship with everyone, and we want to see people reengage with that. However, after the services are over, we ask that people exit the sanctuary/fellowship hall and share a time of fellowship in the parking lot

If you have any question(s) at all, don’t hesitate to call the church office 804-932-5370