The Manger Build

The Kentwood Heights Baptist Church Men’s Ministry is hosting The Manger Build on December 8th from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at our church and we invite all men and their children to come experience The Manger Build! This opportunity for men and their children (or someone else’s) helps keep Christ in front of Christmas by building a life-size manger. Dads will be heroes, not only for doing something great with the kids, but then using the manger and the Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership activities to focus his family on the Truth of Christmas. Registration is required and the cost is $25.00 per family (scholarships are available). Purchase tickets here. For more information,  please contact Sid Lucas at 757-737-1237 or


The Manger Build - A Tool for Building Men
Saturday, December 8, 2018
Join us anytime between 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM. 

Location: Kentwood Heights Baptist Church

Registration ends: Sunday, 12/2/2018
Cost: $25 covers everything, including a manger kit, expert assistance, devotional guide and refreshments! (Scholarships are available)

Please join us to build mangers to be enjoyed in the home over Christmas. 

Here are the details:

  • Dads/granddads build a life-sized manger with their children on Saturday, December 8th. Included is a daily devotional guide to help each Dad share the message of Jesus. 
  • Wood is cut and ready.
  • Nails and instructions are waiting. 
  • Just bring a hammer, safety glasses and a tape measure.
  • The project will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • Please join us anytime between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM at Kentwood Heights Baptist Church.
  • Refreshments will be provided.
  • Enjoy the fun and excitement of spending focused time working on a building a manger with your children/grandchildren and keeping Christ in the center of Christmas.
  • Single, newly married, and empty-nesters: Consider helping by building a manger to give away or "adopt a kid" for this build.

Men will get to engage with their kids and have a great time building mangers, but more importantly, they are encouraged to step up as spiritual leaders for their family.  As dad steps up and leads his family to keep Christ in front of Christmas, the goal is that this will start a pattern of spiritual leadership throughout the year.